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The HealthFore MediConsult platform helps hospitals deliver health-related services and medical content to subscribers through SMS and voice calls via robo-dialers. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution hosts on-demand health content across more than 199 categories.

Offers medical advice for specific medical symptoms, nutrition and counseling services, and prescribes OTC drugs, if required.

Video consultation
Recreates the consulting room with web-based and audio-video applications such as Skype.

Support services
Sends alerts and reminders through SMS or voice-based outbound dialers for patient monitoring, drug schedule, appointment management, etc.

Chronic disease management
Reduces the time to administer medical care through auto-alerts based on defined threshold limits. Patients are remotely monitored for chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Maternal and child care
Advises pregnant women on diet and exercise via SMS reminders and offers an antenatal care and immunization plan for the new born to minimize Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR).

Emergency response
Activates the emergency management team through SMS, outbound automated voice calls or coordination by medical professionals.

Clinical Services

HealthFore establishes telemedicine kiosks and trains technicians as well as medical professionals on using interactive audiovisual media for consulting and remote diagnosis.

HealthFore helps healthcare providers deliver static/ passive telepathology solutions.

Our USFDA-certified solution captures data from X-Ray/ CT scan/ USB machines and transmits it to the central data center of the hospital/ diagnostic center.

Universal healthcare can become a reality when patients avail of services in the comfort of their homes. Telehealth reduces the cost of healthcare, delivers value-added services, and extends the reach of hospitals.

HealthFore's telehealth solution complements healthcare delivery by supporting teleconsultation, remote diagnosis and monitoring, and communication through wireless devices. Significantly, it enables 24x7 healthcare education, health information services, and patient-centric support services.

The HealthFore MediConsult platform is the backbone of our telehealth solution. It blends information technology, telecommunication infrastructure and medical care to improve clinical and operational workflows as well as governance.

Our telehealth solution addresses the requirements of healthcare and wellness programs of primary care centers, specialist referral centers and hospital chains.