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Chronic Disease
Maternal Care
Tele Health

In India, healthcare in rural areas presents a demand and supply challenge. On the one hand, a majority of the population cannot access healthcare due to the lack of medical professionals and facilities. On the other, villagers cannot afford quality medical care. Advances in telecommunications address the challenge by sharing information and creating an ecosystem for comprehensive care.

HealthFore offers healthcare information and counseling service over the phone, round the clock and in a cost-effective manner. Our team of paramedics, medical officers (specialists) and doctors offers timely and professional telephonic advice for patients in villages. HealthFore maintains a database of information, which serves as a case history of patients.

HealthFore's non-emergency health helpline provides information and responds to complaints about the public health system.


  • About government healthcare facilities such as hospitals, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers, and other services
  • On healthcare schemes such as Janani Suraksha Yojna
  • Regarding disease outbreaks and epidemics
  • About nutrition and hygiene
  • On care for pregnant women and children
  • Regarding immunization
  • For first aid and chronic condition support
  • On HIV and STD as well as safe sex practices
  • On Aayush


  • For chronic and acute ailments, including diabetes, hypertension and cancer
  • To rehabilitate patients addicted to alcohol, drugs or tobacco
  • For patients suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, post-trauma recovery, etc.
  • For family planning
  • For diseases such as AIDS and leprosy that have a stigma

Grievance redressal

  • To address shortfall in delivery of services by the healthcare department
  • For registering complaints on healthcare schemes
  • To provide transparency in redressal

HealthFore's self-management and remote assistance programs benefit persons with chronic medical conditions.

Disease Management

  • Health information services, teleconsultation and video consultation
  • Remote patient incident management
  • Remote condition monitoring and referrals
  • Alert and reminder services on medication, diet, fitness, and appointment via SMS/ e-mail

Wellness Management

  • Customized plan for nutrition and diet control
  • Personalized physical activity program
  • IVR/ SMS-based health tips
  • SMS-based alert and reminder services


  • 24x7 non-ambulatory emergency assistance
  • Information service on healthcare providers, ailments, drugs, and symptoms

HealthFore provides advice and resources to prevent pregnancy related deaths and ensure the wellbeing of children.


  • Provides medical consultation through outbound calls by paramedics and doctors
  • Tracks pregnancy from conception to delivery
  • Monitors high-risk pregnancies
  • Manages malnutrition
  • Sends reminders for vaccination
  • Creates awareness on neonatal care and family planning
  • Targets women of child-bearing age (18 to 40 years) and children below 6 years


HealthFore's approach prevents maternal death and ensures adequate child care. We encourage institutional care to enable smooth delivery and avoid post-partum complications. Significantly, proactive case-specific monitoring of pregnant woman and children ensures radical improvement in health outcomes.

The HealthFore emergency care infrastructure addresses diverse distress scenarios.


Offers information on diseases, drugs, treatments, and hospitals to help individuals make informed decisions. Teleconsultation services by our team of specialists include advice on self-care and prevention, prescription of OTC drugs, and counseling.

Helpline for Emergency Care

Activates the response team of healthcare providers during medical emergencies through SMS, automated voice calls or coordination by medical professionals.