Disease Surveillance

Success stories

Healthcare in rural India presents a challenge as well as an opportunity. On the one hand, access to healthcare is limited. On the other, a majority of the rural population cannot afford out of pocket medical care.

The Government of India's flagship program, the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) focuses on providing quality healthcare to the masses in rural areas. The Mission is formulating policies for public health management and spending 2-3% of India's GDP on healthcare.

The Government of Gujarat partnered with HealthFore to screen the tribal population of the state for sickle cell anemia. It is a blood disorder passed down from one generation to another. Since a majority of adults are ignorant about the condition, their children suffer from the disease.

We undertook a public-private partnership program across two districts to screen the tribal population for sickle cell anemia. HealthFore commissioned healthcare professionals for screening 11 lakh residents. We used information technology to create a database of patients, and distributed ID cards with the disease status.

HealthFore has a public healthcare footprint covering a broad spectrum of services:

  • Nutrition - We enhance the wellness and lifestyle of people by sharing information about a balanced diet and regular exercise. We are researching the effects of diet on the elderly and the consequences of overeating and over dieting.
  • Sickle cell screening - Our team has the expertise to plan, recruit, train, and implement comprehensive programs. We use information technology to deliver quality healthcare services and MIS reports to the government.