In today's era, emerging business challenges require holistic thinking. At HealthFore we believe in developing and nurturing a dynamic and responsive partner eco system, which forms an integral part for our organization's sustenance and growth in matured markets across multiple geographies.
We actively seek a partner network that can help us :

  • Increase presence across geographies.
  • Facilitate market entry strategy
  • Overcome political, cultural, language barriers
  • Understand and influence customer's purchase behavior
  • Provide legal sanctity in geographies where we do not have local entities

  • Our Partner Program has been designed to help our partners grow their business, drive profitability, deliver efficient at the same time cost-effective solutions that address customer requirements. Through the program we offer our partners right solutions, in-depth training, tools and dedicated support to help healthcare customers transform the way they function in a dynamically changing environment.

Benefits to Partners

We offer following benefits to our partners:

  • Access to virtual resources to support marketing, technical & business needs
  • Clear governance and rules of engagement
  • Joint planning to allow predictable returns
  • Training programs conducted by domain experts on the HealthFore product suit
  • Joint lead generation activities
  • End to end sales support during sales cycle