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Magnum Imaging on Cloud

MI Cloud gateway is a software module inside institutions that is responsible for the entire workflow of the department with reliability and flexibility.

The amount of medical imaging has constantly increased over time span and the same increase will be moving ahead in future. Cloud computing is an emerging solution that leverages high scalability of infrastructure and solution. This showcases that Medical Imaging and storage management will also move towards the Cloud infrastructure and computing for better collaboration and diagnosis. HealthFore has huge leap in developing and delivering healthcare solution on cloud.

HealthFore has developed the medical imaging solution to run on all model of cloud-Private, Public and hybrid.

PACS rely only on a huge amount of IT infrastructure, including application servers, storage, archives. The archive of medical imaging records imposes several challenges associated to the storage volume, data redundancy and availability. Cloud computing is an emerging solution that promises high scalability of infrastructures, software and applications.

  • Simplifies & streamlines the workflow to improve patient care.
  • Absolutely full-featured viewer; robust and scalable.
  • Advanced visualization of images any where at any time using diagnostic web viewer and mobile platform.
  • Real time communication & collaboration with radiologist and physician using critical result management to provide better treatment.
  • Intuitive to use and administration friendly.
  • Multi-site hospital connectivity.
  • Scalable based on the growth of hospital/ enterprise.
  • A Secure, Certified Solution.


  • Order Registration + Scheduling
  • Billing (Clinics)
  • Patient Tracking
  • Equipment and Duty Roster
  • Peer Review
  • Critical Result
  • Hl7 Management
  • Patient Reconciliation
  • Management Reports


  • Image Storage & File system Management
  • MWL & MPPS
  • Image Viewing
  • Quality Control
  • Image Prefetching and Auto Routing
  • Compression
  • Migration
  • Hierarchal Storage Management
  • Security Management
  • Audit Log


  • Provide access to patient Imaging EMR for anytime and anywhere.
  • Allows to export images and Report in pdf and jpeg format.


  • Provides on-the-go insights into data, images and reports
  • Facilitates collaboration among specialists and consultants

Receptionist & Radiographer

  • Expedites order creation and invoicing
  • Improves scheduling with advanced scheduler for modalities and resources
  • Supports Modality Work List (Forward MWL) and Modality Perform Procedure Step forward(MPPS) for film digitizers and equipment
  • Automates media creation with robotic CD writer
  • Enables patient reconciliation and study correction


  • Accelerates reporting with web-based viewer
  • Offers digital dictation and voice recognition
  • Enables on-the-fly conversion from non-DICOM to DICOM
  • Supports cardiac analysis, colonoscopy, coronary analysis, and endoscopy
  • Simplifies operations by integrating with EMR broker
  • Facilitates peer review of diagnosis


  • Improves productivity with single window monitoring for distributed deployments
  • Enables flexible configuration of DICOM parameters
  • Provides alerts on system failure
  • Provides on the fly creation of Business Intelligence report as chart format and view real time values


  • Minimizes waiting time for patients
  • Reduces cost to create, distribute and store medical images and diagnostic reports
  • Improves human resource planning with auto assignment based on duty calendar and scheduler
  • Enables value-added services such as remote radiology consultation
  • Supports scale-up of clinical modalities without additional investment
  • Provides multi-hospital connectivity

MI Cloud

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