Magnum Imaging

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The multi-site, multi-specialty Magnum Imaging system minimizes capital investment as well as maintenance costs with flexible hardware configuration.

  • Platform-independent - Can be deployed on Microsoft Windows OS and Linux OS
  • Database-independent - Supports My SQL, MS SQL and Oracle Database 10g
  • Comprehensive framework - Does not require separate web or application servers
  • Secure - A robust transport layer ensures safe data transmission over public networks
  • Seamless distribution - Supports DICOM compression techniques
  • Diagnosis and reporting - Equipped with 2D and 3D clinical workstations, PET-CT fusion and multi-level image filtering

Rx: Physicians

  • Provides on-the-go insights into data, images and reports
  • Facilitates collaboration among specialists and consultants

Rx: Receptionist & Radiographer

  • Expedites order creation and invoicing
  • Improves scheduling with advanced scheduler for modalities and resources
  • Supports Modality Work List (MWL) and Modality Perform Procedure Step (MPPS) for film digitizers
  • Automates media creation with robotic CD writer
  • Enables patient reconciliation and study correction

Rx: Radiologists

  • Accelerates reporting with web-based viewer
  • Offers digital dictation and voice recognition
  • Enables on-the-fly conversion from non-DICOM to DICOM
  • Supports cardiac analysis, colonoscopy, coronary analysis, and endoscopy
  • Simplifies operations by integrating with EMR broker
  • Facilitates peer review of diagnosis

Rx: Administrators

  • Improves productivity with single window monitoring for distributed deployments
  • Enables flexible configuration of DICOM parameters
  • Provides alerts on system failure

Rx: Hospitals

  • Minimizes waiting time for patients
  • Reduces cost to create, distribute and store medical images and diagnostic reports
  • Improves human resource planning with auto assignment based on duty calendar and scheduler
  • Enables value-added services such as remote radiology consultation
  • Supports scale-up of clinical modalities without additional investment
  • Provides multi-hospital connectivity

Magnum Imaging

Your physicians need real-time access to patient records for personalized treatment. However, your radiologists can provide accurate diagnosis only when they extract data from diagnostic workstations. A robust medical imaging workflow and image management system with easy-to-use tools to share images for timely diagnosis is a pre-requisite of a healthcare ecosystem.

HealthFore's Magnum Imaging system optimizes clinical workflows by combining Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS), Radiology Information System (RIS) and teleradiology. It integrates images from multiple clinical modalities with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to provide consolidated patient data.

Our USFDA-certified digital imaging and information solution complies with the latest healthcare standards such as Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) 3.0 and Health Level (HL) 7. Significantly, our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant audit trails log events for future reference/ analysis.

Our Magnum Lite medical image viewer application for the iPad enables streaming of images from PACS and RIS. It displays large data sets from diverse medical imaging tools and creates customized repositories for special cases. An intuitive user interface ensures faster adoption.

The Magnum Imaging system ensures better patient outcomes for vascular, interventional, neurology, cardiology, coronary, and oncology modules. It is compatible with diverse clinical and IT systems and can be hosted on the cloud. International hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers streamline diagnostic and therapy workflows, and improve user efficiency with Magnum Imaging.

Magnum Imaging is now available on Microsoft Azure.

For the launch of our new 'Q Diagnostic & Imaging Centre' in early 2011, we selected HealthFore to provide us with a RIS/PACS solution. HealthFore worked closely with us to get the web-based, enterprise-class Magnum RIS/PACS suite rolled out in record time. They played a key role in the successful implementation of the Radiology Image Sharing interface with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Throughout the process, HealthFore provided support and have become one of our valued and long-term IT partners. - CIO, Quality HealthCare Medical Services, Hong Kong

I am very happy to implement HealthFore's PACS/ RIS system here at Rajburana Hospital. It helps us to save time and cost of hospital' - Mrs. Nittaya Prichayudh, Hospital Director, Rajburana Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

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