Magnum Infinity Hospital Information System

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Future challenge in healthcare

Considering the direction healthcare will take in the future, one thing is certain: innovation will assume an increasingly prominent role in improving the quality of care.

Technology that helps manage flow of information across a healthcare enterprise has to essentially keep pace with the challenges that healthcare professionals face. Access to accurate and meaningful information remains high on the demand list of all stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. Software that moves information to the right point of contact at the right time and connects various stakeholders will address this need. However, systems of the future must provide smarter means of delivering meaningful information to a diverse set of stakeholders who operate in a digital healthcare environment.

Magnum HIS - The solution for managing future challenges

Magnum Infinity Hospital Information System (HIS) has been designed considering not just tomorrow's need in healthcare informatics but considering the need to evolve and adapt constantly to the dynamic requirements of a digital healthcare enterprise.

Magnum Infinity HIS is an enterprise-scale information system that connects all stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem securely, accurately and in real time. Magnum Infinity HIS links all parts of a healthcare enterprise into an integrated management system. The system integrates modular applications into a seamless workflow of administrative and clinical events. It transcends boundaries across geographies, clinical disciplines and departments.

Magnum Infinity HIS is a system that can transform the way healthcare enterprises operate in a growing digital era. By managing everything from patient administrative data to clinical data and financial data, the system helps translate data into information that can be used proactively in better decision making.

Salient features

  • Enterprise scalability - Fits healthcare organizations irrespective of size, and supports service growth in a multi-campus environment
  • Planning - Provides deep insight into the work structure, processes and flows of the care environment
  • Optimizing resource management - Facilitates appointment scheduling, bed scheduling, specialist service booking, equipment scheduling, inventory management, and staff scheduling
  • Managing revenue - Offers an automated billing and claims system to reduce administration cost and improve financial efficiency
  • Visibility - Statistical analysis enables a greater understanding of enterprise needs
  • Efficiency - Improves the efficiency of healthcare business and service-critical components

All our physicians now have access to centrally available patient information and data. It ensures better coordination and continuity in the care we deliver. Moreover, HealthFore has been very supportive in enabling us to comply with the regional, ministry and insurance-related requirements along with quick responses to our functional enhancement requirements. - Group IT manager, Mediclinic Middle East, Dubai

We implemented Magnum in July 2009 to provide an integrated and patient-centric solution for the delivery of healthcare services to the NLNG community. Magnum is suitable for small, medium and big-sized hospitals. It is a complete solution for hospital operations and activities. - Hospital Administrator & Ancillary Services Officer, Nigeria LNG Hospital

HealthFore offers a range of solutions to integrate and automate workflow across medical care while fulfilling the needs of departments, be it at the patient's bedside, the emergency department or revenue department. The staff and physicians privy to the selection procedure selected HealthFore's Magnum based on quality, the expertise of people and their product support capability. Over the years, we have adopted HealthFore's financial management systems to increase operational efficiencies, and also upgraded HealthFore's older version of medical imaging solutions to eliminate film costs while improving turnaround time and diagnostic quality. - Trustee, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune, India