HealthFore participated in Thai Medical
Informatics Conference 2013

Bangkok - Wednesday November 27, 2013

Thailand Medical Informatics Association is an organization established to support the use of information technology in Healthcare.

HealthFore's presence in the Thai Market was endosed by our participation in Thai Medical Informatics Conference, Bangkok, November 27-29, 2013. In the Thai market the stall was managed by rotation with Malav Kapadia, Jiten K. Goradia, K. Dinesh and Arun Kumar from HF, Dr Chiratai and Mr.Preecha from BMWW and visited by Nagendra of HealthFore and Ms. Pamorpan of Thai GL.

TMI event participation was an opportunity for HealthFore to showcase our products and to generate a good level of interest from our partners and clients. It turned out to be a great event for HealthFore in terms of visitors, number of inquiries and some expressions of interest in Magnum Infinity HIS and Magnum Imaging.