Wellness Program

Stay Fit
Skin Care

For individuals wanting a higher quality of life, achieving a state of wellness must be reached. It creates a sense of peace that surpasses the need for material possessions and subdues the stresses from external situations. According to a newly published report, 86% of employees don't participate in wellness initiatives because they just don't have the time. Not finding the initiatives fun or engaging was the distant second most common reason given for not taking, at 45%. To meet the demand Healthfore offers several wellness and lifestyle management programs which are easy to encooperate to help people achieve equilibrium in their life and boost the morale.

Weight and Nutrition Management

The Nutrition and Weight Management program at Healthfore is an integral part of the wellness coaching. We offer state-of-the-art coaching and counseling services for the spectrum of nutritional disorders and weight management for individuals age 18 and older. Our exceptional team of dedicated dietician and doctors address the root cause. The team devises a personalized program to achieve ideal weight in 45 days and maintain it. Patients subscribe to a weight loss and nutrition plan, which can be accessed via IVR/ SMS. We guide and monitor the progress of patients through calls, e-mail and SMS.

Every patient receives highly individualized attention and a nutrition and/or weight loss plan that seeks to minimize risk and maximize results. Special attention is paid to many medical conditions that can result from poor or inadequate nutrition and view nutrition as part of a comprehensive health care picture.

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco dependence is major preventive disease of our nation. It impacts considerably on personal life of a person along with their family as well as corporate life. Tobacco addiction is a chronic condition requiring continuous treatment. HealthFore offers a tobacco cessation program that combines counseling with medication.

Healthfore program are based on realistic approach to quit smoke with great motivation level.

Got dull, lifeless skin? While skin texture is mostly hereditary, a lot can be done to improve it. Skin is the organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world. Our up-to-the-minute program is structured to provide with the very latest information on the skin - and its care.

Our program is designed based on the need of the patient to maintain healthy skin for people with oily, dry or combination skin. The comprehensive regimen ensures skin care round the clock irrespective of weather or place.

Continuing India growth story depends primarily on the population. People find it difficult to talk about it openly, without the fear of being stigmatized and without confidence of privacy. This in turn affects their personal lives, relationships & work. HealthFore offers a Confidential Helpline answered by professionals. The counselor undertakes symptomatic assessment and provides advice during counseling sessions. Counselor gives advice, education, guidance and counseling to individuals & provides access to counseling within a broader service delivery environment to the small town population.