Medical Helpline

At a glance

India has 0.6 doctors per 1000 people, whereas the recommended ratio is 1 for every 250 individuals. In urban areas where great infrastructure is available to provide healthcare facility to people, they don't have time to visit doctors. HealthFore blends information and telecom technologies allows patient to access services at affordable price and at patient's convenience without hassle, which can complement hectic schedule of people.

Our information services platform addresses basic health issues.

On phone doctor offers 24x7 medical advice services through mobile access from anywhere, anytime of the day or night across India on 18002008666 across India with registration for unlimited calls at 150 onwards. OPD brings much needed specialist healthcare to remote areas where there are few, if any, healthcare workers. It focuses to deliver quality care at affordable rates.

Apart from consultation, the doctor guides patients during emergencies and treatment, and advises self-care and prevention.

OPD is on call medical advice, which is available 24X7. It empowers the caller to consult with doctor anytime without any time boundation. The key area of service includes:

  • Service is available 24X7, 365 days.
  • Prescription and Care advice is given through SMS and E-mail by MCI registered Doctors.
  • Team of qualified medical professionals including MBBS/ BPT/ BHMS/ BAMS/ BDS/ B.Sc. works to assess & ensure right diagnosis based on clinical decision support systems depending upon the symptoms.
  • Emergency Referral - in case of emergency situation, warm transfer (transfer the call & connect to emergency services) to medical service providers like ambulance services, emergency services, hospitals and diagnostic centres, where ever possible.
  • Robust software, internationally tested for last 20 years, customized for Indian population.
  • Besides offering medical advice, including self-care, consultations and permissible medication, the service also provides information about nearest emergency facilities in case of customers involving emergency conditions.
  • OPD focuses on educating patient about the treatment and prevention.
  • OPD messaging application enables to deliver OPD Prescriptions and information on disease management and prevention to patients through SMS & E-mail. HealthFore partners with state governments to operate medical helplines.

HealthLine24x7 is repository of all possible health information accessible any time anywhere on 33006666. Healthline provides detailed information regarding doctors, hospitals, ambulance, pathological and radiological labs, blood banks, organ banks, chemist, equipment dealer, therapist, clinics across 21 cities in India. Medicine section is a robust source of information for all your possible queries on medicines. Drug compositions, Drug interactions, side effects, price comparison, all there for you. Disease information like causes, investigations, treatment and supportive care are all available online in an easily comprehensible reader friendly form.