Stay Fit


HealthFore offers a sustainable program for weight loss that helps in staying fir as it is not an optional choice but a necessary routine. Through our program we focus on healthy functioning of various organs of the body also contributes to overall physical fitness and the two are mutually dependent on each other. Having a healthy metabolism and healthy organs help remain physically fit while being physically and mentally fit help your body function smoothly, thus keeping you healthy. Keeping in mind that we are so busy juggling between hectic work schedules and household responsibilities that we happily ignore our health we offer service via IVR/ SMS that keep you updated. Our team of experts assesses the medical history and provides a personalized diet and exercise plan.

The 45-day program has four phases:

  • Medical history - Person shares health information, vital statistics, and diet and physical activities in the last 24 hours
  • Personalization - Doctors and dieticians provide a customized diet and exercise chart
  • Education - Dieticians share information about diet and food groups, and their impact on the body
  • Evaluation - The team monitors weight loss and suggests changes to the diet and exercise regimen, if required