Health on SMS


Health and Fitness is one of the major concern areas across the world. Easy lifestyle is what we are moving towards. Today, we hardly do any exercises. Even a simple 30 mins per day of workouts and one good nutritious meal a day can help improve our health. This easy life has restricted humans to do that bit of physical exercise which is required to keep the body fit and healthy. The HealthFore 'Health on SMS' service uses mobile devices to deliver cost-effective healthcare. Our subscription-based service offers practical advice to enjoy good health. Content is structured around parameters such as age, gender, ailments, causes, preventive measures, chronic conditions, symptoms, and disease management for diverse demographic segments.

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HealthFore's 'Health on SMS' service encourages healthy living and improves clinical outcomes by motivating individuals to -

  • Shedding poor habits like smoking, overeating, etc
  • Improving and maintaining overall health
  • Adopt healthy dietary and fitness habits
  • Avoid smoking and overeating
  • Assess potential threats due to age and risk factors
  • Undertake screening tests as recommended
  • Improving management of any existing medical condition
  • Adhere to medical appointments and treatment schedules including medication
  • Undertake self-evaluation as prescribed