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At HealthFore Technologies Limited, we aim at becoming the ‘Employer Of Choice‘ for which we have continuously strived to create culture of TRUST where people work together as a TEAM and give their personal best to achieve organizational objectives. We nurture an invigorating and performance driven work environment by smart hiring integrated with learning environment and motivated workforce.

HealthFore have created robust policies, processes and engendered a positive work culture in the quest of driving Employee Engagement to the best.Engagement is, broadly, a factor of three ‘S’: why do employees ‘Stay’ in our company, what do they ‘Say’ and how do they ‘Serve’ the company while at work. Hence, we invest in our intellectual resources and consciously put efforts to build the best-in-class talent pool who shares our commitment and values. We have adopted various best practices from the globe which keeps them going. We empower our employees by providing them a platform which gives them –an opportunity to invent and reinvent things in their very own way. As we endeavor to create a virtuous cycle of superior rewards and recognition practices, fun@workplace, robust performance management system and transparent and fair application of rules and procedures, the life of each HealthFore employee becomes enriched.

Our employees are a major focus here at HealthFore, which is why we are always striving to encourage employee growth and enhance satisfaction. With over 300 employees dispersed across India, we have created a diverse corporate culture which promotes learning on a personal and professional level. From trainings to corporate outings to holiday festivities to community fundraising to organizing health talks / check-ups; HealthFore prides itself in creating the type of atmosphere that makes our employees excited to say they are a part of the HealthFore team.

HealthFore offers many opportunities for qualified, motivated individuals. If you are technically sound / good IT skills, have strong problem solving and decision-making skills, can function efficiently in a team environment and are able to effectively communicate with peers, subordinates and management, HealthFore can provide you with the career path you seek. At HealthFore, you will have a chance to continually learn, advancing your professional skills with support from highly experienced people recognized in our industry. We offer a variety of positionsthat suit various levels of education and experience. HealthFore is an equal opportunity employer.

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"It's been 4 years that I have been working in HealthFore Technologies and it has proved to be an amazing experience for me which gave me the platform to develop myself both 'ersonally and professionally'. We have a great social Support System with compassionate colleagues. HealthFore provides various trainings to all employees like customer management, Time Management, Goal Setting, Technical skills etc. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond the current role and my career progression has been quite impressive. I have always been given the opportunity to learn and work on a wide range of projects and this would not have been possible in any other organization Proud to be in HealthFore!!"- Kalaichelvan - Project Manager.

"It has been an enriching and exhilarating experience to work with HealthFore. It gave me the opportunity to develop my abilities and skills with the freedom to innovate, create and learn from mistakes. I feel fortunate for this association which transformed me to a virtuous professional."- Anchal Gautam,Assistant Manager - HR.

"In HealthFore we believe in excellence in everything we do.HealthFore thrives on teamwork, collaboration and empowers its employee's and I am an example!"- Gunjan Matah, Software Engineer.

"It has been an incredible journey of 4 years in this organization, where each new day has provided me with new opportunity and challenges. HealthFore, gave me opportunity to work with diverse people, every new project was filled with new learning. Providing solution for client queries can challenge one to think out of box. Interacting with client and resolving their issues through HIS has enhanced my confidence in abundance. The projects which I have worked on were supported by our Bangalore team -a team enriched with subject matter experience and technical experience. HealthFore, is a fun filled environment to work with. I am proud to be part of this growing organization." - Jinsy John, Functional Consultant.